Complimentary Bar Options for Your Guests...

Tab Bar

A Tab Bar mean that we keep track of the actual drinks served to your guests. The cost will be added on to your bill.

Ticket Tab

You issue tickets to your guests and they are redeemable for a cocktail throughout the course of the evening. The final total will be added on to your bill.

Cocktail Hour

Covers the cost of any drink consumed for the hour designated as cocktail hour.

Bottle Count

A minimum number of 150 guests is required for this pricing option over a 3 hour minimum and a 5 hour maximum period of time. charges are based on actual consumption, not bartenders, as well as soft drinks for your non-drinkers.

Draft Beer

Full Keg (200 10z Glasses) & Pony Keg (100 oz Glasses)

Table Wine

We proudly feature Beringer Stone Cellar Wines as our House Wine. Our House Champagne is Cooks. We will gladly check prices for your personal favorite.

Notes :

  • For Pricing Information Contact Us
  • Changes are based on actual consumptions, not the number of bottle opened, and inlcude everything from bartenders to the soft drinks for non-drinkers.